Virgin Mary

Mary is the virgin mother of Jesus Christ and the wife of Joseph The Carpenter.


Around 1 A.D, Mary was a young teenaged virgin who was to be marrried to a carpenter named Joseph. One day, an angel named Gabriel appeared to Mary and said that she will become the mother of a baby who will one day become a Savior of the World and the King of all nations around the world. Filled with so much thanksgiving, Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth who was also pregnant with John The Baptist. After her visit, Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant and thought that she slept with another man while she was away. Joseph decided to dismiss her quietly (so that she would not be stoned). However, Gabriel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife and told him to name the infant Jesus for that the child will one day be a Savior and bring peace around the world (much to Joseph's happiness). Joseph married Mary and took her as his wife. Months passed and Mary and her husband traveled to Bethlehem as God watched over them on their travel. Once there, Mary was ready to give birth as Joseph quickly looked around for an Inn only to find that there are all occupied. However, one Innkeeper had a stable available and Jesus was then born in it while being surrounded by all the animals. News spread quickly throughout the city and the stable was surrounded by the herders, a few citizens and the three wisemen who gave special gifts to the infant.