Noah showing the ark plans to his wife

Noah's Wife is the wife of Noah and the Mother of Shem, Ham, and Japeth. She along with her husband, sons, and her daughter-in-laws, board the ark and start humanity over again. Her proper name is not revealed in the Bible, though some traditions say her name was Naamah, and others say her name was Emzara.


Noah's wife, like the rest of her family, were righteous in the eyes of God in the days before the flood, when most people were wicked. So God told her husband to build the ark and take his family on it along with every type of animal to preserve life on earth from immanent destruction. After Noah finished the ark, the entire family boarded it along with every type of animal. The family stayed aboard the ark for forty days and forty nights during the flood and stayed on until the ark hit land. After they got off the ark, they offered an offering to God, who set a rainbow in the clouds as a sign of the covenant He made with creation. Noah's wife then settled into life in the changed earth with her husband, who became a farmer. From her, the modern world descended.


  • Her name is not mentioned at all in the bible
  • She was most likely old when she boarded the ark, like her husband
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